Natural Energy Boost without Sugar, Caffeine, or Supplements

Natural Energy Boost: I bet you thought I was going to tell you exercise, right?  And, yeah, regular exercise definitely kicks your energy levels up a notch or two.  But you know that.

I’m going to tell you how I put a rocket booster under my energy levels. (Picture Animal from The Muppets running around your house.  Well, okay, maybe my house.)

Your brain sucks up over 20% of the energy you generate every day.  It is the biggest energy-hog in your body. So, how do you make it more efficient so you don’t feel like an old sock the dog dragged in at the end of the day?

Minimize the number of decisions your brain makes every day.

Because decision-making, the toughest thing your brain has to do, is where most of that energy usage goes.

Okay, wise guy, how the heck do I eliminate decisions? Just crawling out of bed in the morning is a decision and for some of us (my wife, Lisa), a tough one!

And here’s the trick to achieving your natural energy boost:

How to inject routine into your life without becoming a zombie…

Female zombie could use a natural energy boost...

Momma’s, don’ let your babies grow up to be zombies…

By routine, I don’t mean you have to turn your day into a mind-numbing slog through a preset daily schedule.  You can pop some routine into your day without boring yourself silly.

Routine Insertion One…one…one…one (Yes, that’s an echo effect.  We spare no expense):

Get up at the same time each day.  Set your phone with a favorite song to wake you.  If you need an energy boost, pick something your mother would disapprove of.  Need a gentle nudge, choose something a cat could sleep through.  Or get a not-alarm clock that gently increases the light levels like a sunrise, which is the most natural way to wake up.

Routine Insertion Two:

Go to bed at the same time each day.  Yeah, I know, it might feel like something boring old people do.  Well, that may be part of the reason some boring old people live to be old.

Routine Insertion Three…?

From here, it’s up to you.  Here are some things Lisa and I use to keep our energy boost going:

  • Simplify supplements and prescriptions. We put them in a drug organizer. All we do is pop open the box, pour them into our hands, and take them.  I fill the boxes every Sunday.  Lisa’s is blue and mine is green.  Don’t get the hideous black one.  Taking pills is depressing enough.
  • Preplan meals. Lisa has magnetic whiteboards on the refrigerator listing all the meals for the week. Every Sunday she decides what meals she’ll make and the shopping needs.  Then she emails out the order, saving time, gas (or electricity for our electric car), and preventing impulse buying, something she and I are notorious for.
  • Coffee prep. I ready the coffee maker as part of my nightly routine so, in the morning, we wake up to the smell of coffee.   (And I don’t screw up making it because I’m half asleep.)  Coffee is serious stuff at the Wayne household.
  • I have the dishwasher on a timer so every night it turns on at 2:00 am.  Cheaper electricity, sleep right through the job, and we wake up to a clean kitchen.  We aren’t the best housekeepers so it feels really good.
  • Our robot vacuum comes on every morning at 10:00 am.
  • Light sensor LED bulbs outside our house turn on and off at dusk and dawn. Even our closet lights have motion sensor LED bulbs, so they automatically turn on when we open the door.
  • We have solar-powered motion-sensor garage lights that turn on when we pull in the driveway (or some creep approaches our garage…we were robbed three times before we got the lights, machine gun nest and barbed wire – just kidding…or am I).

Look at all the automation in cars that you used to have to flip a switch, turn a knob, or stick in a key to do.  We automate everything we can to reduce decision-making.

For a surprising natural energy boost, you should too.

PS I just started this blog in Aug 2022.  I don’t know what I’m doing other than just writing about the stuff I like.  So what would YOU like me to blog about?  Tell me in the comments to shut up about this junk and write about the really cool stuff that interests you.  I’m not as flexible as Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four but I’m working on it.

PSS My SEO software just told me I should have my Powa (Schwartzenegger special effect) keyword in the post one more time so here it is – energy boost.

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