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Finding trustworthy, reliable website hosting is like finding an honest person in prison.  They’re darned rare.  As you may know, my wife Lisa is a freelance website designer.  She actually used Bluehost website hosting for a long time, but she finally dumped them because their support sucks.

(If you’re “bored now,” click to Lisa’s recommended website host.)

When your client calls you at eight in the morning because their website is down and you call the website hosting company and they tell you it’s probably your fault, so check your database, it doesn’t tend to endear you to them.  And that’s if you ever get a response.

She might have kept working with Bluehost had they not been bought out by Endurance International Group (recently changed name to Newfold Digital), the same corporation that owns HostGator.

However, you’ll find a lot of people promoting Bluehost, not because they’re a great website host, but because of their $65/referral commission.  Don’t fall for it.

Avoid: A Small Orange, too.

Lisa has a client who uses A Small Orange and he has nothing but problems with them.  She’s begged him to switch to literally anybody else, but even though his site regularly crashes, he won’t leave them.

I don’t get it.  Maybe the Mob threatened to blow up his apartment if he left A Small Orange.

She recently (27 Aug 22) put in a trouble ticket with A Small Orange because this client’s website was down.  Three days later, she finally got a response from A Small Orange: “Everything looks fine from here. Check your server.”  Since the site is hosted on A Small Orange’s server, SHE CAN’T.  GRRRRRR!!!!!

This is how A Small Orange describes themselves:Small Orange is a refreshingly different web hosting company which prides itself on providing fast, reliable hosting with exceptional customer service.

Are you kidding me???

And, surprise, A Small Orange is also owned by Newfold Digital along with dozens more.  Check them out on Wikipedia.

They’re like the Darth Vader of website hosting.

Lisa now uses Interserver.net exclusively.

Incredibly, reliable, low-cost website hosting with great customer service.

I have no idea what this means, but Lisa trusts them so I do to. Incredible customer service.

When I asked her to write a review for me on Interserver.net, she told me she’d already written one on her website. I said, ‘That’s great but what about my site?’ She said, ‘Copy and paste, fuzzybutt!’

Since I subscribe to the lazy man’s route to wealth and glory (and only a fool would cross The Diva), here’s Lisa’s review of Interserver.net:

Lisa’s Recommendation for Interserver Website Hosting:

This is the company with whom I’m doing most of my web hosting business. What I like about Interserver is that they’ve been in business for a long while, are a US-based company, own their own data servers, and offer quite a lot to their customers for the price you pay.

Unlike your usual web hosting companies, Interserver does not require you to buy a minimum year or three-year plan to keep your rate low. They have a monthly payment plan available for just $5 per month, or a discount if you buy an annual package. Another bonus is that your rate will never increase.

Special note: If you are nonprofit, they offer free hosting.

Fast Track Tip:

If you’re looking for a low-cost web hosting company that actually cares about their customers or you’re just getting tired of getting screwed by the host you have…

Interserver website hosting

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