Quote: “Live a life that would make you jealous.” – unknown

Bob Wayne and his trusty editor Fred

Bob Wayne and his trusty editor Fred. Practically twins, right? Except Fred hasn’t gone gray…

My name is Bob Wayne and that quote represents exactly what I hope to create for every reader who subscribes to my blog, and yes, for myself and my wife, Lisa Drew, a classical singer, and photo artist.

I know the marketers all say I’m supposed to tell you my sob story and then tell you I’ve “cracked the code” on creating the perfect life and I have all the answers.

Nope. Sorry. The only thing I’ve cracked is my knuckles figuring out all the things I’m writing about in my blog. I’m a work in progress and I certainly will be until the day I drop.

That said, I have done a ton of research in books, magazines, interviews, and personal experience (yep, life hacking), and made just about every mistake imaginable in the process of unraveling the mess I’ve made of my life.

I’ve struggled with anxiety (which I didn’t know I had until I was 63), ADHD, I’m on the autistic scale (found out about that when I was 63 also), and the fastest way for me to make a bad decision is to make a snap decision.

And I’ve made my share of them.

How I’m building this blog

My blog is based around the ideas, personal experience, and research of many outstanding individuals whose books, articles, and essays I’ve studied, and in many cases, followed over the years.

I basically take the work of all these people who look at different areas of life from their own angle and synthesize the information to give a new perspective on how to create the Good Life.

Fast track To The Good Life is focused on many different paths to the Good Life as you define it. It is not about dictating to you what your Good Life is or should be.

Here is a basic run-down of my blog’s focus:

Bob & Lisa in Stockholm, MN

Bob & Lisa in Stockholm, MN

  1. Healthy longevity – in other words, squeezing as many healthy years out of life as you possibly can. Right now, my personal goal is for Lisa and I to live at least 120 vibrant, healthy years. Check out the healthy longevity posts;
  2. Brain health, maintenance, and enhancement – I’m 65 (at the time I began this blog in 2022). The scariest thing to happen to me recently was struggling with memory and focus. You’ll read about some of the tools, treatments and supplements I used to turn things around. Check out the brain health posts;
  3. Achieving financial security through multiple streams of passive income – so that you can focus on what is important to you without worrying about having a roof over your head or if the bills will get paid. (And, yeah, early retirement and/or a big retirement fund would be nice too.); Financial posts
  4. Long-term and short-term investing systems – Everything from the laziest, couch-potato-iest, easiest system ever to exploring the often-opaque world of alternative investments. Also, how to find a top 1% money manager (taught to me by a guy who’s done 52 multi-million dollar deals). Financial posts
  5. Personal Growth – we all want to be better versions of ourselves. I’ll tell you what has been proven to work and what hasn’t. I’ll also tell you about my own journey which has been full of bumps and potholes. What worked for me may not work for you but at least you’ll see examples you may be able to adapt to your own life enhancement process. Helping self posts
  6. Helping Others – as human beings, we are wired to care about our own tribe and not care about “the others.” It was a necessary adaptation for survival when we lived in small groups and every “other” we met was a competitor for resources and survival. Helping others posts
    1. That world is long gone but we still struggle with that pesky wiring. But we must learn to overcome that mindset and truly reach out to those in need or those who are suffering.
    2. We also must stop waiting for the government to solve poverty, homelessness, the spread of disinformation, and ignorance. You and I must make a difference. And with the right tools, we can make the world a much better place for ourselves, our neighbors, and our extended worldwide family.
  7. Changing the world for the better – I’ll show you simple strategies and tactics you can use to achieve positive change in the world. There are plenty of problems that need solving and it’s our responsibility to make sure future generations have fewer problems to solve, not more. All we must do is pay attention to the methods that have proven to work and put an end to methods that have been proven fruitless. Changing the world posts

I have my own ideas of what the Good Life is but that may not jibe with your definition of the Good Life. I am simply giving you various paths and strategies on how to achieve different aspects of what might be called “the good life.”

Why I don’t believe in “common sense”

Yeah, I said that. But hear me out.

I believe in science. I believe in evidence-based programs proven by double-blind studies that verify whether something works or not.


Because “common sense” solutions have proven to be disastrous in too many cases and what seemed like common sense has ruined many people’s lives. The other reason is that there is so much misinformation out there that isn’t backed up by any science, proof, or evidence. Someone popular, or with a big title, said something and it caught on as “pop” wisdom.

A case in point: the Scared Straight programs, where teenagers who were on the wrong path were brought to a local prison and volunteer inmates would terrify them by getting in their faces, giving them the “boot camp drill sergeant” version of what they could expect in prison. They literally bullied them with horror stories about what they would do to the youngsters if they came to prison.

Politicians loved the idea and poured millions of dollars into these programs. And, yes, the kids were scared out of their wits by the experience. But when researchers did follow-up studies, they found that the politicians were dead wrong.

Once the kids got over their fright and thought about the experience, these kids realized that they had spent their whole lives feeling powerless. And the people they were exposed to in the prison had the power to strike fear into anyone.

That was exactly what these kids were looking for. To never feel frightened or powerless again. So they began committing crimes with the sole plan of getting to prison to learn how to be powerful. In other words, it had the exact opposite effect. The number of teens going to prison actually increased thanks to these programs.

The worst part is, politicians wouldn’t believe the research. They were convinced the researchers had to be wrong because “common sense” said it should work. These programs survived for over twenty years, ruining the lives of countless youngsters.

If an idea isn’t backed up by research, it won’t be in this blog.

You’ll also find many other examples of science proving “common sense” wrong.

For over two thousand years, doctors used “leeching” (putting leeches on patients to draw out their blood) as their primary cure for sickness. Right up to the beginning of the Twentieth Century, “doctors” were convinced that “leeching” worked.


Three reasons:

  1. It was taught by “authorities” who weren’t to be questioned;
  2. It was “what we’ve always done”; and,
  3. Because “logically,” if the patient lived after being bled the cure worked. If they died, they were too far gone for the “cure” to fix them. By that measure, the “authorities” were always right.

Have you ever had an idea to change the status quo and run into this kind of brick wall of “common sense”?

I’m far from flawless but I’ll really try not to hit you with that kind of nonsense in my blog. And I am always open to feedback of any kind (leave comments on posts, please.)

And if I’m wrong, I’ll make it right.

Here’s a few posts to get you started…

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